On the 11th of December 2015 my friend Vatan started his Climate Hunger Strike to protest inaction from politicians and society on climate change. He didn’t eat for 7 days  to get his point across. Mad respect dude!

Tomorrow, exactly one month later, I will start my own Climate Hunger Strike. I’ve chosen the less extreme version in that I will abstain from any solid food for the next three days and instead will only drink juice from organic fruits and vegetables.

This will help me get rid of all toxins that have build up in my body over time. We need the same for our planet. The Paris agreement gave us hope but now we need our Minister-president Mark Rutte to step up to the plate and tell us how we are going to achieve that.

And not by giving us faraway vistas but by telling what we are now going to do to stay under the 1,5 threshhold. Close all coal-powered plants? Stimulate clean energy? Not give huge handouts to the fossil fuel industry? Tell people to eat less meat and use less energy? An ECO-tax? Steer away from the absurd “religion” of unbridled growth on a finite planet?

Or all of the above? That’s rhetorical cause we need all of the above.

I also want to thanks all the others that have already participated in the Climate Hunger Strike. Leo, Liset, Lisa & Kari to name but a few. I couldn’t do this without your inspiration and friendship.